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Graduation + 2 - a cross country mishap!

***Essay warning***

So, second postgrad run and I decided to go off piste again. Bit too adventurous as it turned out. I planned a route on mapmyrun, although obviously just because something looks like a path on the satellite map, doesn't mean you should run down it!

We're lucky to have quite a few walking paths near us, so after a 5ish min walk I arrive at the end of what probably used to be a road once upon a time, but is now a dirt track down the side of a golf course leading off to some local green stuff. That was fine, although you had to watch your step in places. First 2k done, usual pace. Then I came to the end of that, did a left and thought I was running straight off in front (turns out I could have done with doing a bit of a right lean) it was a bit woody and covered over and dark, but that was ok. But then started going off downhill, getting narrower and narrower until I had to stop jogging because I was basically running down a narrow rocky path. Looked like the route that the rain had been taking of late. So walked that, got a bit lost trying to find my way back to the original path. And then saw the massive hills. I knew it was a bit hilly, but didn't remember them as steep as that. So I walked those too, and didn't start running again until about the 4k mark when I knew a) where I was going and b) that there were no more hills.

Annoyingly, because I said I was running a premapped route, mapmyrun doesn't seem to have saved the actual route I ran/walked so no idea if the stats are accurate. But it says I went 5.4k in 45 mins which considering how much I walked, isn't bad. I must have done at least another k in my warm up/downs.

All in all, I did enjoy it. But need to reccy new routes before I do them, especially if they involve countryside. I need to avoid rocky/very woody paths at all costs because worrying that you're about to break an ankle don't half put a crimp on your running joy. I should also have emailed the route to my DH in case something happened. I am aware that running woodland routes as a lone female probably sounds like a bad idea. I do keep one earphone out so I can hear behind me. But frankly I don't see why a few rare lunatics should put me off running where I want to.

I loved being outside and seeing/hearing more birds, saying hello to walkers with/without dogs who seem a bit more friendly than in the park, and also seeing a wee baby bunny :-)

Here's to more off-piste in the future!

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It sounds just wonderful to me, just my sort of run. I agree too as a lone runner we should take extra precautions, I've started carrying my phone always and hubby has a pretty good idea which route I'm taking too. Its not just evil people who could be the cause of a problem but evil tree roots, stones etc could all make for a mishap. It still doesn't stop me though I just slow down and take extra care. Happy running Liz :)


Some times the new routes make the run seem to go quicker, sound like an interesting run. I love running on my own as it is my time and that is precious.

Good luck with finding more new routes. :-)


I always enjoy 'new' routes. However, I have to say that, in my case, those routes are places I've been walking in the past so I know what the terrain is like - I stick with fairly flat at the moment. Once I get fitter and stronger I will try out some 'off piste' places. However, I shall be moving to a new area in a few weeks time and daresay there will be plenty of nice places to run where I've never been before. Something to look forward to. Enjoy your various routes and all the very best with your running.


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