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This has been one of the best two month courses that I have attended. I am a 54 yr old male at 182cm in height and was 106 kilograms in weight so I needed to do something? In January 2013, I changed my diet to better food and the C25K podcast with Laura offered the main spearhead attack to improve my health. I took longer but I made it to week 9 in 15 weeks and I now weigh 88 kilograms. It was not easy and I didn't cheat myself but I pursued. I use a nice local park which helped to bring the right atmosphere. Running now for every other day at 30mins is still a challenge as I can only complete a distance of 4.6 kilometers but I will keep going as I need to get down to around 80 kilograms and make it to 5 kilometers. The podcast music has been the energy fuel for me and now I design my own based on the week 9 run. I plan to keep going. Thank you Laura and everyone involved.

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Well done on graduating and extra well done on the weight loss - you've done a fantastic job there!

As for only completing 4.6km, pffft, you're going faster than I am.

Enjoy your post-grad runs :)


Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I have achieved 106kg down to 88kg and cutting down on fat foods also helped me, then you have a two pronged attack on your body weight. I think its important to do you own thing but don't cheat yourself and take your time. You have to take the pain but you can get there. I wish you all the luck for your future runs. X


Very inspiring I am age 55 woman was 14 stone in january 2013 now 12 stone (weightwatchers and Laura) and 2 more to go. I am on week 5 of C25 K having had injury and ill health blips I had to start 3 times - hope I can get to the 9 weeks within the next couple of months. I run in my neighbourhood and also if I am away for the weekend and now I don't care what people think. Thanks for sharing your story- and WELL done. I am usre like me you are intending to keep the weight down for the rest of life. WE CAN do it!


14 stone down to 12 stone. That is very good - well done! I am sorry to hear that you had a few health/injury issues to get over but you can't help that. You are on week 5 so you are well on your way. Take your time but keep going. As Laura will say to you later, just build on that success. Keep running with Laura and keep eating that better food. Doing one without the other just makes it harder.


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