finished week 6!

Did my last run of week 6, I wasn't convinced by Laura that I was going to actually manage the full 25 mins, and I did have to walk for about 5 steps at one point while I got my breathing sorted to get rid of a stitch, I decided to run around the football field, so did 10 laps, as I am quite slow still, hoping after the 3 x 25min runs next week I may be able to pick up a bit of speed, I think a tortoise could overtake me!

I did recover quite quickly though and made sure I had a snack this time after and that I think helped a lot, as I dont feel as washed out today as I did after the 20min run last week.

So far I have lost 9lbs, only another 3st to go, weigh in day is Saturday this week.

Here's hoping I can get fit and lose some more weight!

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  • Don't worry about your speed at this stage. All you have to do is run! Laura isn't asking for fast. Slow and steady is all you have to do. Fast will come later

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