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Finished the dreaded week 6

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First post for me, 55 yr old overweight, unfit woman living in US and having to do this on the treadmill as its far too hot outside 39/100 deg. If I go out when its slightly cooler I get bitten to pieces by mosquitos'.

I have found each week extremely hard and I cant say that I have enjoyed any of the runs. I have just managed to scrape to the finish each run and immediately think of the next run that I think I wont be able to complete. Each run I am surprised that I have completed it and a few hours later I feel pleased with myself(for a nano second) but then start to worry about the next run.

This week I felt was the easiest week(still very hard though) even though I had anticipated it being hard after reading the forums. I think what helped me was all the reports of "go slow" so I'm grateful for all those that have posted and I set off at a snails pace. Breathing was fine but legs still feel very heavy, no idea why, and they have always felt this way.

I just keep wondering, when am I going to start enjoying the runs. I want the yay moment everybody else seems to have

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Most of my 'yay' moments started after graduation when I could play my own music and run how long I wanted to. Once the weather cools down I encourage you to try a run outside. It's much easier for me to get in the zone when there is nice scenery. Also my zone never seems to start until I'm 10-20 minutes into my run, so perhaps you're like me and need a long warming up period of running before it starts to feel right. Or maybe you're a person that will prefer intervals of running and walking. Or running faster. Or further. I think we're all a little bit different. But seriously, the entire program was tough for me each and every week. My enjoyment during the program was my accomplishments and the post run endorphins.

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Thank you for responding. I'm glad to hear others have felt like I do and I will get the yay moments. I can't wait to run outside, it is very boring on the treadmill on the longer runs. I know its going to be some adjustment to running outside as well. I must keep reminding myself how far I have come and not worry so much about what I think I can't do.

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Exactly! If you have to go back a few weeks once you're outside it's no big deal. It's a lifestyle change, not a race. And the treadmill and running outside both have their unique challenges, it's nice to have the flexibility to run on either.


Pleased to meet you :D I'm sorry you have to run on a treadmill - is there any possibility of running outside early in the morning? That's what I'm doing as the temperatures in France are high too at the moment.

As for the "yay" moments, they will come :) At first, the pleasure comes from beating that little voice (-the 'gremlin'-) that tells you there's not point running today before retuning to the couch in the corner of your mind, switching on the TV and digging out a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Get into the habit of taping him to his chair with the empty ice cream carton in his mouth and the yay moments will begin. If you say that week two was easier it's because... guess what? You're already fitter than you were when you started! So you have made progress, and it's going to keep on getting better!

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unfortunately I can't run outside early but can;t wait for the cooler days in a couple of months. I do feel fitter and can feel the benefits of each run, just waiting for the yay to come and looking forward to it



I feel exactly the same. My next run is w 7 r 3. I do dread them but I am definitely up for the challenge. I think I will be a run/walk girl once I have graduated but you never know that yay moment may still come. I also run on the treadmill and I am starting to want to go outside but am frightened it will set me back too much and jeopardise me finishing the programme. Still 7 runs to go!!

The benefits of improved fitness and a much more toned body are my yah moments!!

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Glad someone else feels the same. Its funny, like you I dread the runs but also look forward to them if that makes any sense. I would love to run outside but even if I could, like you, I would worry now that it would set me back so luckily I have to wait until I finish the last of week 9. Good luck on your last few runs

I'm at week 8 and can feel you on the heavy legs. My breathing and overall energy is usually fairly good but I guess my legs are lagging behind. I tried the program on a treadmill and got about half way through and twisted a knee. Started over outdoors and its so much better. Give a try when it cools down a bit. Keep it slow and steady and good luck the rest of the way.....

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Thank you, I'm hoping that when I'm a bit fitter my legs won't feel so heavy and that I will enjoy it more. Cant wait for the cooler weather as even running in the air con house it is still at 75/24 deg. Good luck with your last few runs


What got me going was that no one took me seriously. They would all be condescending and believe I would give up. I show them ! The knowledge I could do this was a plus. I also like this "me" time. I can disappear in my own little world. And physically I find I am full of energy after a run. I also needed to get healthier so had to push myself and it works. Once it gets cooler, try to run outside. It is the best. You probably will love it. AND you can get yourself some fancy outfits and all the gears and look very professional thank you very much!!!! So go slowly, try to go outside and use this time to reflect 😊

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Thanks, my daughter runs and without her encouragement I think I would have probably given up. I see how much she enjoys it and want to enjoy it to. I'm sure once I get outside I will see what all the fuss is about and I have bought some outfits in anticipation!!

It probably took me a year before my legs stopped feeling heavy for at least a day after each run! Don't feel downhearted, however - you have progressed really well to make it through week 6. Just imagine how it would have felt if you had tried that in week 1!

It does take a while to find a "groove". Once you can comfortably run for a while without stopping (say 20-30 mins) and you are doing that fairly regularly, you will develop a stride and breathing pattern that's comfortable and familiar to you. Combine that with getting out of the gym and into the open air and one day you'll realise that actually this isn't hurting and you're having an enjoyable time. It may seem like a distant dream at the moment but stick with it and it will come!

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Thank you very much, this is very encouraging and I can't wait. Got to keep thinking positive thoughts and remember how far I have come

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