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Hubbie has just gone out with another woman!

Laura! He's just walked out the door to do w1R1!!! I've been suggesting (nagging?!) that he should try running for a while as he does no regular excercise at all. A few weeks ago I decided to shut up about it as the nagging was not working. He's slowly been getting more interested- I've noticed him reading my running magazine over my shoulder a few times. I've also tried to slip things that I have found good about running into conversation but not in a you should try it way...

Anyway maybe because of me backing off or mabe because of other reasons he's decided to give it a go! I'm excited but I don't want to put him off or put pressure on him. Anyone else in a similar situation? Any couples out there who have done c25k at different times? Any advice or tips?

I want to encourage & support him & ultimately I hope yo go out running together.

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I keep trying to get my wife to do it, so perhaps I need to back off and see what happens. keep us all informed as I will be interested to see how it works out.

Well done for getting him out there and pass on good luck wishes to him. :-)


Thanks I'll pass on the good wishes & keep you posted.

If you are going to try backing off with your wife then you may need to be very patient. I didn't think it was working & was trying to think what strategy I could try next when suddenly he was off running! I realised that if he was going to stick with it then he needed to initiate it himself rather than doing it once or twice to get me off his back! That understanding helped me back off but it took weeks before the miracle happened ;)

Good luck!


Don't worry about your husband going out with Laura ~ I've heard it said that she will go with anyone who can summon-up enough energy, but her relationships don't tend to last much more than a couple of month!! With all the exercise she will be demanding of him though...she will at least return him much fitter!!!

I hope he keeps up with the running, and that soon the two of you are out running together.


Hahaha, poor Laura she'll be getting a bad name ;) I'm a happily married woman but still sang to Laura over 2.1/2 years ago in a blog

Tell Laura I love her

Tell Laura I need her

Tell Laura not to hide

Without her I can't survive

She must be the most sought after women without a doubt, for would be runners that is :)


Just a little update... My husband has now been running on & off for a year & we have just signed up to do our first 10k together in November...


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