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Feeling a bit rubbish, should I take a day off? W6 R1

I'm putting my body under a lot of pressure; dieting, doing the 30 day shred everyday and running every other day before I go on holiday in a few weeks. And today I feel a bit spent, my mood is low (possibly PMT) and I'm a bit stiff and achy with a nasty headache. Should I give myself a break and take an extra rest day? Or should I continue and not let myself fall behind?

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Yes. It'll be no point being toned if you're sick or injured. Take a couple of days off (I vote losing Jillian for a few days) I understand you want to get in shape for your holiday, but this is a long-term health improvement thing we're on here. (I hope) Killing yourself by doing too much is not going to get you fit. It will run you into the ground.

I would actually suggest doing the DVD every other day in between runs and one day completely off. But that's just me.

When you say your dieting, are you fuelling your body enough? That amount of activity is a lot and frankly I wouldn't want to be eating much less than the recommended amount of calories. From good sources, but still. I'm not expert on dieting tbh, but I do know that if you are going to work hard you need to eat.

You know it's too much, your body is telling you. I hope you enjoy your rest and find the balance that's right for you. x


I'm following Slimming world and eating A LOT. I have really noticed the increase in my appetite and I've obeyed it, Slimming world is great in that you can eat loads, so long as it's the right foods. I think I'll take it easy through the morning and see how I feel later, I've got weigh in shortly so that might spur me on to go out for a bit. Thank you x


I had to repeat w5 runs 2 & 3 last week due to a bad cold instead of move on to w6. I found that when I did move on to w6 this week I felt very good, I imagine the rest did my body good.

Do make sure you eat well and healthily and look after yourself. I can't wait to lose my wobbly bits but I know it'll take time and we'll get there in the end! :)


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