Couch to 5K

First post week 9 run

Having seen youngest child onto the school bus, I pulled my iPod from my pocket to start Laura's voice. Disaster as for some reason the last sync removed all bar two days of C25K, both from week 4.

I briefly thought I could try running without Laura, but I'm not quite there yet. I like the reassurance of the encouragement and of the 5 minute reminders. So with a swift trip home the problem was sorted.

With an appointment in my diary for mid morning, I was concerned about having time for this run. That sense of hurry was definitely a bonus as I certainly got a bit more speed going compared to last week. Managed to make it over 4K in the half hour.

I don't think 5K is going to come easily for me, but I'm positive that for at least this week I'll stick with the week 9 podcast. Hopefully there will be no walkers to speed past me this week!

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I know what you mean about missing Laura. When I started doing about 10 minutes of walking and jogging to build back up after an ear infection I missed her as well. It was great this week to get back on track and have Laura with me again. Good luck with your runs.


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