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Feeling strong at week 5

I haven't always loved running, but after having my first child in 2009, I followed a c25k plan I found in Runners World magazine and when I completed that, I joined a local Jog Scotland group. I got hooked and increased the distances weekly, eventually running the Edinburgh Half Marathon in 2011 and continually chasing my 10k personal best.

Fast forward a couple of years and I've had a second child, born by c-section just 16 weeks ago. Thanks to a very understanding husband, who just 'gets it' that I need some time to myself for half an hour a few times a week to stay sane, I've been slowly getting back into running and have just done week 5, run 2. I am loving it! Can't wait until I'm running 5k+ again and hoping to get back to the jogging club again soon.

For now though, I have to get past this 20min continuous run on Thursday...

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There seems to be a lot of us doing week 5 this week! I'll be battling run 3 out on Thursday too!


Best of luck!


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