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Abject Failure Week 9 Run 1

And I thought I had cracked it....serves me right! Stopped listening to Laura because I wanted my own music. Have a nike fit thing on my iPod which I think has been way over generous on the mileage front so decided to take my phone out with a new app: Now Running. 12 minutes into run a track came up which I didn't like so pressed skip. Immediately ending the whole time tracking thing. Didn't have my glasses with me but tried to start over. Got another five minutes under my belt but then just gave up. Decided to get back to Laura and did another five minutes but it had all gone so wrong by then I just ground to a halt. I just felt like screaming...what a let down. But will not be beaten and will start afresh with week 9. Will never take phone out again: will never get hung up about distance covered and will just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other for 30 minutes. Have learned my lesson!

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Best to learn it now than on the graduation run!

Sometimes technolgy can get right in the way; I'm sure we all sympathise because we've all had runs like this!

Good luck with the next one, and stay friends with Laura for a couple more ;)


Will do and thanks!


That's a useful lesson, and I will keep that in mind as I keep getting tempted to push the pace, but think I would suffer and should focus on the time rather than distance. Thanks for the post, very useful, keep up the good work, graduation soon.


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