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Lap time question

I'm embarking on my W8R2 tomorrow and want to improve my timings a bit. I managed Run 1 with relative ease, but I ran slowly on purpose to conserve energy for the full 28 mins - and it worked!

However, does anyone have a favourite lap/Kilometre when they turn the turbo boosters on? Usually in a 4K run my l2nd and 3rd K are the fastest, but the 4th is slow cos I've run out of puff!

Or should I just forget timings and mop up the distance?

Answers on a postcard please.......HAHA!


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Forget times vs and distance for this week and next. The week after, when you've graduated introduce yourself to the 5k+ podcasts with Laura, that'll help you with speed and distance.


Brilliant. Thank you!


I'm glad you asked about this danzargo, I'm finding I've started to get obsessed about pace and time now I use 'runkeeper.' Thanks for the sound advice 'Beads.'

Good luck with your run tomorrow.



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