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WK5 R3

Twenty minutes non stop done!!!

total time 29:58

distance covered 5k (inc warm up and warm down)

3 weeks ago i was worried about doing three mins, ive never found it easy and my calf muscles are refusing to talk to me now after 25 years of doing bugger all they are a bit freaked out i think:)

Anyway to all the people behind me in the plan you can and will do it! belive in yourself and dont give up

see you all at week 9

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I did Wk5 R2 yesterday and was so chuffed with myself. Especially when I think back to Wk1.... I wasn't a runner at school so am surprised I am enjoying it so much. Keep going :)


Cheers if you are one run behind me I'll keep posting and see how you are doing, I always like to keep track of people who on similar weeks. Good luck with r3


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