Wk7R3 - and my first 5k!!

It had been a long weekend on call and a busy and stressful day at work, so I set off aiming to do wk7's required 25 minutes and to get home again.

I was looking forward to a hot bath, G&T and the Thai curry that was waiting for me at gnome and I felt like I'd earned it. But then it occurred to me that I could REALLY earn it . . .

So I ran 5k, without stopping. It took exactly 40 mins and felt good. The image of the bubbles, the clink of the ice cubes, the smell of the curry - it kept me going.

I'm doing the Race for Life in Kempton Park on Sunday, so am so pleased that I know I can do it without stopping, and now I 'm looking forward to rather than being apprehensive. I'm thinking maybe a shorter run on Wednesday and then a couple of good rest days and hopefully I'm good to go!

Happy running everyone!

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  • I start Week 7 tomorrow, and like you am on the verge of just running the 5K. I almost did it on W6R3, if you include the 5 minute warm up. Mind you I was ready to stop at the end of the 25 minute run.

    So, well done you. G&T and Thai Curry well deserved!!

    Good luck with your Race for Life on Sunday. Take it steady :-)

  • ooh, I like that motivation of running back towards the G&T and curry, i'm going to have to use that myself!

    Well done and enjoy R4L on Sunday.

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