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Oh, so that's what a bad run feels like!?

We decided to try running by the canal tonight as I've had a bit of a snotty nose and sore throat and didnt fancy the hill! As last time we had done 4k we walked 5 mins from just before the canal ran out 2k then turned round. Then half way back I got a really bad stitch. Had to stop and slow to a walk. I'm pretty sure it was because we were running too fast. After a bit of walking I felt a bit better and so we started to jog (slowly) and carried on past the 4k mark to the point where we leave the canal path. So we did 4.5k overall, which was good in the end, but I was really cross that I had to walk in the middle! Next time I must try to not go so fast, than I can complete without walking. I've never felt a pain like it before ! :-(

On the upside the canal was lovely with lots of ducklings!

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Hi Plinth, to me that sounds like a lovely run - further than you have been before, lots of ducklings and the canal sights.... so what if the inconvenience of a stich (from going too fast, whoo hoo!) made you walk a bit! Just think how far you've come in the few short months, and enjoy your successes! So much better than sitting on the couch :-)


As I remember Laura stating on a podcast "a bad run is better than no run" and by the sound of it you did ok. Nice location too. :-)


As I discovered yesterday, you can't beat a run along the canal. Well done on your run anyway, I guess nobody has good runs all the time, I certainly don't. Good luck with the rest of your runs.


Pfft - that's not a bad run! I think you did just fine. A bad run is one where it feels insurmountable almost from the start and you're lucky to complete any time at all. I've had 2 and my body just sort of ground to a halt. When it happened the 2nd time I didn't fight it, just gave up and went home. Didn't take a rest day but headed out on my run the next morning and it was fine.


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