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Not sure I can blog for 90 seconds and then rest and repeat but here goes...

Started the C25K a few week ago and really enjoying it.

Work in an office and previously exercised only occasionally at weekends on the bike or swimming. Got the exercise and outdoor bug after some rock climbing in Scotland earlier this year and found the C25K program on the NHS website after initially trying strength and flexibility.

Currently on week 5 and about to start third run tomorrow.

I am lucky enough to have a park next door so run around the perimeter of one of the football pitches. It means I can track how far I've run and I use the corner flags as a reference or to motivate me to complete the run.

Having something to concentrate on and not running too quickly have been the main challenges although I've now settled in to a good pace and tagged some sprints on to the end of the session.

Oddly, looking up or around occasionally also seems to help distract from the run and some mild exercise such as a walk on the rest days helps to prevent achilles aching.

Recently found this site and its great to hear experience and tips from other runners.

Mostly though grateful to Laura and whoever put the program together.

Happy running !

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You sound as if you are really enjoying it. I have just come in from wk6 run2. I never thought in a million years I would be able to run for 1 minute far less 25 minutes which I will have to do on Monday. Keep running and blogging, as you say it is so nice to hear tips and experiences from other runners.


Thanks and yes really enjoying it. Well done on week 6.


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