Big milestones for me this morning, including completing C25K!

This morning I had my annual trip to Oncology. I was feeling fine and thought everything should be OK, but there is always a little niggle. Try to ignore the niggle! Anyhow, I went straight after taking my daughter to school, and was there a bit early. Sat down reading my book. Then I was called in early. Had a lovely doctor who had just the right amount of being friendly. I passed my inspection, and since it has been five years, I'm now signed off! I don't have to go back to Oncology again!

I followed off this milestone by going to the gym and doing Week 9 Run 3. It was just my second treadmill run, but it is cold, dark and dreary, blustery and wet out. This is the weather I hate the most (so why do I live in Scotland???). So, there was no running outside for me today. The gym filled the bill. I managed to do the workout, and even set the treadmill faster than last Monday when I was also in the gym. I am not managing 5K yet, but I am running for 30 minutes. If you had asked me when I started this if I would be able to, I would have been very uncertain. I won't stop now. I will figure out something to keep running. I liked the structure of the program, so I might take up a new program. Just have to decide what my next goals should be.

I haven't posted here often, but I really like the support everyone here has for one another. This is one of the very best online forums I have seen. Keep going everyone!


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40 Replies

  • Well done for completing the course but an extra hug for breaking the 5 year health barrier ScottishHoosier! You must celebrate, cheers to you and your family and happy , happy running, xox delia

  • Thank you, Delia! x

  • Congratulations and congratulations!! Now, this is what I would call an amazing day!! :-)

    I must agree with Delia, a celebration is definitely called for!! Enjoy your wonderful health news and your running accomplishments!! :-)

    Congratulations and Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thank you, Steve!

  • What an absolutely brilliant day for you ScottishHoosier!! Quite emotional too I would think.....

    Congratulations for both results and ensure you keep up the running!

    Sue x

  • Yes, I'm a bit up and down, but mostly up! :)

  • Wow what a fantastic day for you, congratulations on both pieces of excellent news. Hope you are celebrating in style today. Good Luck to you and Keep Running :-)

  • Thank you!

  • What a great day! Massive congratulations on both counts! Here's to a happy healthy running future! :)

  • Ta!

  • Well done!

  • Cheers!

  • Congratulations on completing the C25K programme, ScottishHoosier! Andwoohoo! on the all clear from the oncology team.

    Maybe we can meet for one of the Aberdeenshire organised runs somewhere next year. Crathes Castle, Balmoral, Glen Livet...?

  • Yes, a bit scary at this moment, but if I go do the Abedeen Park Run, it might not be as daunting to do something else. :)

  • Well, you're running further than I am at the moment as I'm resting with an injury. On my last run, the sore thigh muscle starting playing up after only 2.5km and it was sore on Sunday from walking never mind running! :-(

  • Oh! Hope it heals quickly.

  • hhh, Swanscot.... really sorry to hear that you're laid up with that thigh. God, these gremlins.... They just seem to be part of this running landscape. Hope it all calms down sooooooon, Sara :-)x

  • What a wonderful wonderful blog post, well done on that wonderful news and for celebrating by running xxx

  • Cheers! :)

  • What a huge relief for you and your family! Many congratulations on all fronts! Best wishes! :)

  • Yes, it is a big relief! :D

  • What a fantastic day you've had. I'm so pleased for you. It's such an achievement to complete the programme but to get the all clear from oncology as well is truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!


  • We're very happy. :)

  • BRILLIANT! :-) Look at you Graduate! :-) We found after Graduation, to keep us motivated, we set short and long term goals. One of my goals was eventually reaching a 5K distance. I now can continue to run past my 30 minutes to reach the 5K mark. Now, working on getting faster to eventually do a 30 minute/5K. Wishing you continued success and please do stay on here! Gayle

  • Yes, actually running 5K will be brilliant! Thanks for the advice.

  • What a brilliant day, congratulations on all counts! Good luck with your running programme, keep us posted on what you decide your next goal will be. Meanwhile, enjoy the celebrations! :)

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations ScottishHoosier - great news on your results and very well done completing C25K :-)

    Enjoy the elation and keep on running :-)

  • Thank you, Goldstar. :))

  • crikey!! i dont know what to say apart from "CONGRATULATIONS" and "WELL DONE"!!!

    i mean, what an accomplishment to have done this program in the face of what you were going through. your blogs have always been positive in the face of everything.

    to get the all clear is absolutely fantastic!

    to be a graduate is absolutely fantastic too and i hope you go onwards and upwards - now youre a runner!! a few 5k and 10k runs?? :-)

    please keep blogging what youre up to - its always lovely to hear.

    best of luck and KEEP ON RUNNING!!

    ali x

  • Thank you so much for the lovely post!! xx

  • Congratulations on graduating ScottishHoosier - keep running!

    Susan - not too far away from you in Moray :)

  • Thank you!

  • What an amazing day for you - congratulations on both counts.

    That 5 year milestone is such a huge thing - we went through it with our son when he was little and it is just an unbelieveable feeling.

    I was gobsmacked when I realised that I could run for 30 minutes, but it is so slow that it sometimes seems a bit of a cheek to call it running :-)

    I did try the stepping stones podcast, but think I need to improve my speed a bit more before I am ready for that so I have gone back to W3 of the original programme and am just running it through at a faster pace and I will just work my way back up to a quicker 30 minutes, it might not be the best way to do it but it is working for me :-)

  • Hey, if it works for you, that's what's important! I went to the gym this evening while my son was at footie practice. I had just an hour. I had thought I could squeeze in 30 minutes of running, but I find treadmill running very boring. And I have to concentrate, too, or I wander a bit too far to one side or the other. I'll keep with it a while longer, but don't know if I will take a shine to it. I managed just ten minutes running at a faster pace than my run on Monday. I slowed down the pace to a very fast walk and increased the incline to 7.5 for about another five minutes, then switched to the exercise bike. I was on that for 25 minutes doing a cardio workout, and that was much better than the treadmill. I could look around and see what people were doing, and I didn't feel like I might go flying if I didn't pay attention to what I was doing. Just have to find my way! I will continue to get fit and lose weight. :)

  • Hope your son is still healthy!!

  • Congratulations, on the run and on your 5 year clear, a great achievement and wonderful news!

    I tried the speed podcast and enjoyed it, it's not as long, but I am planning to do that once a week and then a couple of regular 30 minute runs (increasing gradually over the coming weeks). I have 'adapted' the BUPA 10k plan that I downloaded a pdf for and integrated some of the next NHS podcasts into my plan. This is just on paper, so I will need to make up my own playlists for the longer runs. I'd like to improve my speed, too, as I'd like to get to 5K in 30 minutes.

    Best of luck, keep running x

  • Thank you, vixiej. I might be taking bits and pieces from programs, too. Good luck!

  • Oh gracious ScottishHoosier... what a double bill :-) and what a relief.... Your family must be sooo proud of you as must you be :-).

    The determination through thick and thin that I've seen on this site IS amazing as is the support given by all to all. Having had the 'Big C' myself I really know that relief so I'm so so pleased for you. Well done and double congratulations, Sara :-)x

  • Thank you so very much, Sara!

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