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Who put my legs on backwards this morning? W3r1

Well, did my warm-up walk and went to start running and my legs felt like they were on backwards, they didn't want to bend at the knee! Took a good minute of shuffling along before they began to co-operate. Would some stretches before I start help this? I usually only do my stretching after my run.

The second of the 3m runs was pretty pathetic by the end - I kept going but was thankful no-one was around to hear me panting like a pair of ancient bellows and see the unlovely sight of my red sweaty face. It was HARD!

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Hiya Jillie, I'm just back from my run today too - quite nice, sunny cool breeze and the smell of wet trees and grass from last night's shower.

I've never stretched before a run, and there have been several blogs on here suggesting that stretching should only really been done after running ie when everything is warm. I believe the warm up walk should get your legs ready for the first run - and I also reckoned that heat seemed to be pretty crucial for my legs as back in the winter months when weather was appalling,, I wore thermals, leggings and did a good walk before my legs obliged by bending the right way! Why not try popping on your leggings, massaging your legs by rubbing vigorously, then do a slightly longer warm-up walk to make sure they are really warm and ready before running.

I hope you'll soon find that your breathing/wheezing/gasping improves ... The lungs seem to benefit quite early on by improved fitness ...

Lots of luck for your next outings - the programme is amazing and will work for you if you can hang in there.

Cheers, Linda :D


love the image of legs being put on backwards!!! Made me chuckle!


Stretch before or stretch after? I have suffered with stiff hamstrings, which loosen as I run. So, I started doing very light stretches, or more 'get things moving'.

Today though I did not do any stretches, and ran W6R2 without any issues. I think I would tend to agree then that post-run stretches are the order of the day. But it is a good idea to keep everything moving in-between runs, so light stretches (leg raise etc.) can only help. Just enough to keep the muscles working.

I am no expert, but this works for me.

Don't worry about the hard days, the next run will be so much better I am sure. If it doesn't work out, just try again. Reaching the goal is the order of the day, how you get there is up to you.


I've been having all kinds of knee problems, caused by tight quads and hamstrings, and my physio has me doing dynamic stretching to start with - these are stretches that you do as you move about, a combination of warming up and stretching, so you're not stretching cold muscles. There's lots of information about this if you google it.

I also use the dreaded foam roller before and after running and it really helps. It hurts, but it helps!


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