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Farewell WEEK 7

Hooray! I completed Week 7 this morning and boy was it a hard week. The thing is, I found that with each run my stamina and strength is definitely getting better. Todays 5K was 33'56 which is slower than RUN 2, but I have to admit, I did have a raging hangover this morning (my in laws are staying) and I'm sure that that is what slowed me down!

Still, not long to go before the end now, although I am having worries about how the heck I'm going to extend my current 25 minute run to first 28 and then 30? 25mins really does seem to be my limit - but then that might just be a mental thing? Dunno. We will see.

OK WEEK 8. Are you ready for me? I'm comin' to get ya on MOnday!

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Running, I have found is a good treatment for a hangover, enjoy week 8 :-)


Week 7 is definitely the toughest week. You'll be surprised how much more you can still achieve. Your right its a psychological game at this point in the programme but you can do it your nearly there :-) just tell yourself you can do it... And that's half the battle won. Happy running.

Oh and well done on managing to run with a hangover.


Thanks bikergirl. Not the best thing to run with a hangover, but I think the exertion helped get rid!

ANyway I'm gonna kick Week 8's assssss on MOnday!

Toodle oooo


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