Wk 8 and malt loaf!

It really does make a difference what I wear, I can't stand being hot! I had a vest on and my usual Nike capris 'dri fit' which are my best buy ever, and a bargain on ebay.

No gremlins today, a nod from a hardcore runner and an amazing ten minutes of 'I love running' followed by 'Please Laura this last minute feels like a year!!

My pace is improving and after walking back on jelly legs it started raining. Never have I prayed for rain! It was lovely, cooled me off.

After half an hour of being home I remembered I'd heard somewhere that malt loaf is good for runners and demolished two slices, it was chocolate malt loaf and it never tasted so good! Am still on a high, must come down!!

Five more runs and you are mine little green badge!!

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  • OMG all I needed was a nod that malt loaf was actually good for something (other than weight gain).... I'm off to the shop soon as......

    So glad you have made amazing progress - the end is really in sight now, you'll be sporting a fetching shade of green in less than 2 weeks! :D

    Enjoy, Linda x

  • Hi Linda, knew I'd seen it somewhere! Just one site I've found. Haven't had the one with choc chips in before, yum and you enjoy!


    Susie x

  • Mmmmm thanks, love the bit about replacing grams of glycogen in proportion to body weight ... Since I'm still carrying too much, I reckon a whole loaf won't go far amiss LOL, you're a **star**!

  • mmmmm soreeennnnnn not had that in ages .... together with a chocolate & banana milkshake ...

  • Yum...on shopping list ready for next week! Thanks for the info!

  • Oh, you meanie! I lurve malt loaf - but can't eat it any more, now I know that gluten doesn't do my insides any good. Boo hoo!

    Great to see you're running well - ten whole minutes of loving it. Yes!!! Even if it was followed by something a bit different!


  • Greenlegs are you a coeliac too? My favourite after run snack is currently a peice of cheese as I read somewhere you need protein to rebuild muscles, but I guess you need the carbs to top up too. (I think perhaps i read too many of DH's old men's health mags) Maybe gluten-free toast and peanut butter? And tea? Tea must be part of a recovery plan surely? ;-)

  • Yes, diagnosed last summer. I have put on a bit of weight since though (just back from shopping for a size larger trousers!), having always been underweight all my life, probably because I wasn't digesting things properly. I have found there are a lot of very tasty treat foods available, and the range seems to increase almost every week. Mrs Crimble's macaroons are much too moreish! I love ricecakes, so eat loads of them with peanut butter or philadelphia and marmite - or for treats, hazelnut and chocolate spread. Mmmmm.

    Not quite as good as malt loaf, but not too bad as a substitute! But I don't do enough running to use up all those calories - I've never had to watch my weight before, so it's a bit odd!

  • Oh my god! Malt loaf, read that in the title and had to have a read. Can't get it over here and now I'm going to crave and crave it. Thanks running wild! ;)

  • Whoops :-/

  • But there's other goodies on the link above :-)

  • Oohh malt loaf. Not had that in ages. Not read the link. If you say its good for us runners I will believe you and get some. Never heard of chocolate one. Must look for that.

    Looks like youv started something here lol

  • Yum, Malt loaf... I make All Bran Loaf Cake which fulfills the same sort of purpose.... looks yukky in the bowl, but tastes delicious when cooked... worth a google.... not sure If I am allowed to post links on here..... xxx

  • Oooh thanks! I do appear to have started something... :D

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