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Stalled on wk 8 :::::

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I had my 2nd vaccine last wk & I haven’t been out running since I feel horrendous I don’t want to let things slip I am a wk off graduation... please let me put my best foot fed & get my runs in this coming wk

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Do you think that second vaccination has affected your running a WEEK after getting it? if so, perhaps you should see your doctor, I am due to get my second vaccination on Monday and intend to run 8K on Wednesday, I just hope that you will feel better and be able to graduate from C25K

Been extremely fatigued & have flu like symptoms since I got my 2nd vaccine I think I need to bite the bullet Mon & just go out & try to push myself through . My Mum is 80 & she hasn’t any symptoms post hers I guess it effects us all differently...

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to Roughdiamond01

It does, I hope you will feel better soon.

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Oh no. Were you ill with the first?

No I was fine after the 1sr just had a sore arm for a day or two..

me too, wait for second one, ahha,



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You need to listen to your body.

You could exacerbate the symptoms if you run while still suffering. Running stresses the body.

C25K is just a training plan. It is not worth making yourself ill for.

As stated in the guide to the plan, you lose no significant condition in the first two weeks of non running.

After that loss of condition is gradual.

Rest up, recover fully and then pick up the plan again.

Hi I stop couch in the frist lock down in june last year after getting to week 7 but I started again around October and took my time now I have week nine to do and I'm finished so don't get disheartened your get there it could take longer then 9 weeks but so what you would have got there

Just wait until you feel better. I had a bad cold during the programme and had to take some time off. I was able to pick up where I left off. As IannodaTruffe says, your fitness won’t diminish in 2 weeks.

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I had a week off after feeling rotten due to my AZ vaccination and weirdly it helped, my sore knees and hip were much better after the break, so don’t despair. Hope you feel better soon.


that is so awesome, good for you, at least some good one about AZ vacc. as all news are bad (ppl dying from thrombosis)



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CmoiGraduate in reply to Niepowiem

I find your reference to Astra Zeneca as being all bad news really unhelpful Niepowiem. Not everyone has the privilege of being able to choose which vaccine they have. Not everyone has the privilege of being able to get vaccinated at the moment. You might care to bear this in mind.

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Niepowiem in reply to Cmoi


sorry to be this person to have my opinion about vaccines. It is very true people don't have a choice or/and they don't know they do actually. Sorry to copy what I see on the TV that people die to thrombosis caused by vaccines. It is not me. It is what is..



please do tell which vacc. you got, also from my experience (pfizer), second one is a lot worse, so you are all ok, it is all working apparently,



Niepowiem, I had Pfizer.

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I became ill start of W7 and had to repeat W7 starting one week later so don’t worry, you will be fine and if you have to go back earlier on the program that is OK too, most important thing is to be comfortable.

After no reaction with the 1st, I had my 2nd jab over the weekend and been wiped out although beginning to feel better this morning, I think keeping hydrated also helps with body adjusting...

Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

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