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5km around Helsinki harbour - much better than East London!

5km around Helsinki harbour - much better than East London!

Hi all!

I've been in Helsinki for work this week and have not been able to run so far because it has been raining heavily each evening, however today has been better. I booked a hotel near the harbour so I could go for a nice run and I am very pleased that I did, it is very nice to go for a leisurely jog near the sea. I ran along until I reached just over 2.5km and then turned around to run back to the hotel. I managed to run the 5km in 28'23", below are my splits:

1km - 5'32"

2km - 5'52"

3km - 5'34"

4km - 5'47"

5km - 5'39"

This was also the first time I have gone for a run without a podcast to listen to, I normally listen to football, politics or economics podcasts but I didn't this time because I wanted to enjoy the scenery. On another note I found it very hard to look the right way when having to cross a road, Europeans should stop driving on the wrong side of the road!

Anyway here is a link to my run:

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Sounds like an interesting run. Glad you managed to not get run over too! :)


I am too!


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