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Ankle pain that subsides quickly

I've just started - I'm not terribly unfit - I get several workouts in a week regularly, but running/jogging has always been a challenge for me. In any case, I have a bit of ankle pain that I can only attribute to the tiny bit of running I have done - I'm at the end of week 2. Nothing else has changed in my gym routine. The pain is largely subsided after a rest day - it is in the back of the ankles, like the achilles. Think it's a good plan to keep on and see if I power through? I've started some extra stretches and lifts to try to strengthen up, in case that's the issue.

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I've read your blog a couple of times and can't really come to any conclusion other than the way your foot is striking the ground. The podcast says in the early weeks to run with a heel strike which I found uncomfortable right from the start. I run with a mid foot strike and I think the experts now all seem to say this is a better way to run. Try thinking about the way you plant your foot/feet when running and maybe adjust to a mid foot strike which will take the pressure of the back of your ankle. The only other thing you may need to look at are your running shoes, are they giving you enough and correct support. A good running shop will be able to check that out for you.

Stretches after your run will also help, some stretches suit other people better so have a look for running stretches on google and play about to find which you like and which feel right for you. Always start a new stretch gradually and don't bounce when doing them as that causes damage. Good luck hope this will be of some help to you.


Thank you. The pain has sort of led me in that direction. I imagine that my stride looks much more like a shuffle now, not lopey like before. Easier to go a bit faster this way too. The pain is both better and worse, so I'm feeling hopeful.


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