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Cheering myself up with unexpected side effects

During the first part of our holiday which started 2 weeks ago I amazed myself with my activities. Before running and losing weight I couldn't walk up a slope or climb more than a normal flight of stairs without stopping for breath. Partly this was due to late onset asthma but most I guess was because of obesity and extreme lack of fitness.

A year ago this week we went for a forest walk with valleys and hills and many steps. Our children were wearied with waiting for me every few minutes as I puffed my way, beetroot faced, to catch up with them. Even on the flat I couldn't walk at their speed,

Last week I descended into valleys by steep steps and climbed back up those 228 steps without pausing once just to prove to myself that I could. That was the day I ran W9 R1 in the morning and climbed up to a ridge in the evening without feeling the slightest bit tired. I was delighted with myself!!

Next day though was different:-) Carted off to hospital with massive nose bleed, in bed for four days and theatre on the fifth. Now home itching to feel fit again but much cheered by as Wordsworth would say "emotion recollected in tranquility" :-)

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So good to see you back and ready for action! Hope you enjoyed the holiday once your nosebleed was controlled. You're really close to graduation now, so I'm not in the least bit surprised you're itching to get out again ;)

Take care, but enjoy your last couple of runs. Looking forward to another cheerful and optimistic blog when you qualify for the shiny badge. Go the golden oldies - I'm still running and now losing weight which didn't shift/change at all during the C25K programme... So you've loads more to look forward too :)

Happy running, Linda x


Thanks Linda :-) It's good to feel I'm still in the loop. Being away meant I missed most of the community blogs and it was odd...after all I don't even know a lot of the bloggers' names. But it's good to be back and beginning to feel W9 Rs 2 + 3 are possibilities in the next couple of weeks.



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