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Unexpected side effects

I am by nature a fairly obsessive individual but have been taken by surprise just how much couch2ck is firing me up but the unexpected side effect is my attitude to food. Normally I go on a diet, food becomes an all consuming obsession and I feel constantly hungry as a result. But I've just got on the scales, am delighted to have lost 6lbs but also have realised food is actually taking a back seat for a change. Who would've thought it!!

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Well, I have to say that, contrary to expectations, running has not actually made me more hungry. Perhaps am just weird. Or, perhaps, it just makes us take a different "take" on things? Good luck!


That's brilliant OldPossum 😀


6lbs - wow! Good for you!


Excellent - an unlooked for benefit!


The effects of running are so far reaching....:)


Food has been replaced by running in my mind too, I obviously enjoy planning runs and looking ahead. Yup, I don't recognise me either!


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