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Getting there?

Today I did the first run of week seven and I'm starting to believe that I just might make it through to the end. I'm nervous though - about whether I can really do it, about keeping it up and continuing to improve if I do make it to week nine, about venturing off the treadmill and into the visual range of other human beings, about finding the right footwear, wondering if all this effort will ever show on the scales. I'm pleased to have got this far, but am I ever going to 'get there'?

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You've come this far... Why stop believing now? You don't have to go outside unless you want to - it might keep your motivation up though to see something different each run.

Sports direct have some great running trainers for a fraction of the price you'd get else where!

As for showing on the scales you need to be burning off more than you are consuming. As long as you are eating healthily then in time you should start to see results. 2lb a week is a sensible goal - more than that you might see it creep back rapidly if you have a blow out one day!


Well you have made it this far and its a safe bet that 7 weeks ago you had your doubts then, and now look at you running a mighty 25 minutes non stop.

Whatever your worries, share them on here it's likely that most people have had the exact same doubt at some time.

Above all else keep faith in your self and you will get through.

Happy Running


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