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Rain and glasses

Has anyone tried 'shift it' or a similar product that is wiped on glasses to stop the rain drops staying on your glasses or Adidas pro glasses with prescription inserts or similar, despite investing in a ronhill cap (as suggested previously) both on Monday and tonight I couldn't see where i was going with the rain drops on my glasses and had to rely on being guided by my daughters yells to keep me going lol,

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Hi Ally-d can't comment about your other ideas as I've never had the problem, I pull the peak of my cap down and it seems to prevent the rain getting onto my specs. You could pop a glasses cleaner into your pocket. Where do you get 'Shift it' from, supermarket or Opticians? I have to be carefull using chemical sprays on my specs as I have very sensitive eyes.


It's a product that bikers use on their visors! I very easily get migraines when my eye sight is not clear so any rain drops on my glasses are a problem, they come on in seconds, I did invest in a ronhill cap as you suggested but the wind on the seafront throws off loads of spray, it's my favourite place to run so keep looking for solutions.


I wear a Tilly Hat when I'm out hill walking - never tried it for running tho'.

When it rains the brim stiffens as it gets wet so keeps my glasses dry.

Might give it a go for running next time it rains.


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