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Week 4 run 2 - with interruptions!

Setting off for the second of our week 4 runs and my daughter and I are feeling fairly confident having managed the first one. However my daughter gets a stone in her shoe on the first of the 5 min runs and has to stop briefly to extract it and then in the middle of the second 5 minutes some lady in the park flagged me down to ask a question - had I seen her sea cadets because she'd lost them! I was really cross as I had to stop and take my headphones off to hear what she was asking and the were alot of other walkers about she could of asked.

Now I'm not sure if that counts as having completed the run. should I repeat or just go on?

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Since I guess you continued after the stoppages, I'd be inclined to see how you feel when you try the next run after a day's rest! I suspect you were out for the required 35 minutes or so anyway. At week four, all the runs are the same, whereas there are 3 different runs in week 5 and acceleration through the programme really progresses! So, you might need to feel very confident about the week 4 runs before moving onwards. Therefore if W4R3 is relatively straightforward and you don't experience any further problems, you will be able to move into W5. Best indicator: listen to how your body feels!

ps...... how does anyone lose a whole troop of sea cadets? LOL :D

Cheers. Linda x


Thanks, that's good advice. I did carry on and added an extra little bit on the end to make up for stoppages so I'll see how tomorrow goes. I don't know how you can lose a whole troop of cadets, but seeing as I live in the midlands they must have been very lost. You can't further from the sea!


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