Couch to 5K

Starting again, catching flies and chaffed bum!

Well finally my knee has recovered enough to start running again...but even though I couldn't run I have been using the exercise bike that DH bought me for my birthday, and I was using it every other day...have discovered the delights of padded cycling shorts and the wincing pain of chaffed bum!...but today was the day to start the programme again. I thought it would be easier...wrong, the humidity today is horrible...but I stuck to it and from the amount of insects I had to spit out I must have been moving at a reasonable pace. The knee has held up and I am now sitting with an ice pack on it just to cool it off. Really determined to do on medication that piles on the pounds and I have put on 1 stone this year...I know its a viscious circle, the heavier I am the more pressure and stress knees are the deal is I will do some form of exercise for at least 30mins thing I did recovery from the runs was much quicker so the bike must have done something.

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Well done its hard getting back into running when you were just starting out so good on you for getting back to it. Its a good sign too when you are starting to recover more quickly on the recovery times, it does all get easier as your body gets more used to the new demands you are placing on it. Good luck with the programme and the cycling a good combination, if your bum gets to chaffed though try doing some walking on your rest day to help the recovery.


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