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Well, I didn't exactly finish on a high; today was an absolute slog! Still, I did run the full 30 minutes, even if I came nowhere near 5k.

So, what next? Well I'm back at work tomorrow so it'll be a case of getting into a routine that fits in with work. Today was a dry run - up at 5.15, out with the dog by 5.30. Drop dog off hone at 6.15, remove jacket and head straight out on run.

I've downloaded the stepping stones, speed and stamina stamibapodcasts. I think I'll have a week or two of running to my music then I'll get started on the next set of podcasts. I hope to do a park run sometime in September.

Many thanks to everyone on here who's given me advice and encouragement!! And to whoever devised the Couch to 5k programme & the NHS for turning it into a free podcast. Oh, and Laura, whose silver tones got me through it!

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Really well done and congratulations. I too graduated a few weeks ago and found it a bit of a slog-but so worthwhile. I am now enjoying free running with my own music-at my own slow pace. This is to consolidate where I got to and run without the pressure of 'graduating'-a few weeks on I am considering stepping stones and I am rather grandly thinking of trying to 5k in 30 mins on Sunday.

We shall see-meanwhile bask in the glow of completing-fantastic achievement.

Happy running.x


Congratulations on completing the programme Lola465! Order your badge and enjoy the next stage of your running life!

I finished at the end of April and am still running 3 times a week - to my own music, and with no pressures except those set by myself - and that includes getting to that elusive 5k in around 30 mins. I'm also thinking ParkRun one day, but might do a few times volunteering at the edge to see if I am ever likely to make it! Might try the strength and flex programme too - apparently it complements the running quite well.

Anyway, welcome to our newest graduate :D and celebrate a little too! ;)

Well done, Linda x


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