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Week 7 -Now complete

Okay so this day last week I attempted the run 1 of week 7 and struggled as per my blog and felt quite disappointed in myself especially as I had no trouble completing run 3 of week 6. Anyhow after wise words from Beek & plodalong, my boyfriend and a days rest got me to try again Wednesday and I managed to complete the run :D. I like running Saturdays, Mondays & Wednesdays and repeat again however now after repeating Run 1 and continued with 2 and 3 of week 7 I have crossed over into week 8.


1) Should I ignore the weeks I marked in on the planner and just work to the completing 3 runs of week 8 and week 9.

2) Is it right to count tonight run as completion as Week 7 as I've managed to complete the 3 runs. (Wednesday (successful w7r1 attempt), Saturday and Monday)

3) Is it okay to go ahead and attempt r1 of w8 on Wednesday?

All advice is welcome and I'm pleased with myself for staying with the program and not giving up. I only have 2 weeks left to go.

Just for anyone interested when I got in on Saturday - my boyfriend did not join me as he was feeling slightly hungover still from our hang out with friends on Friday so I was running on the paths around the park and was able to complete a workout on 'mapmyrun' and i would say roughly I managed the following:

4.11 km Distance

25:00 mins Duration

6:05 Avg Pace

372 kCal

I think by mixing my runs from path and just on grass with my boyfriend is a good idea as I'm not getting obsessed with distance etc. i don't have any gps/sports watch to calculate distance on the grass and my focus is just about jogging for the time planned etc.

This is getting long , so thanks to everyone for reading this! This is possible and we can all do it :D

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I found as I run every other day, that sometimes I crossed over the weeks, but I don't think it matters - just do the three runs, and then, if you feel ok about it, move on to the next week.

Your timings are good! My best time is 3 miles which is 4.8280 km (!) in 34.58 mins, according to my gps watch. ... keep it up!


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