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Week 3 Run 3 - What would you rather being doing on a Friday Evening

So you've had a crap week at work, those last 2 hours from 3pm-5pm seem to have taken an age and finally the weekend is here and whadda' you do on the Friday evening?

a) Party like you just don't care

b) Sophisticated dinner party with friends

c) TV, Wine and Chocolates

d) Running round a lake with legs like lead weights.

If you answered (d) - welcome to my world !!!

It's Friday night - i remember going out on a Friday and not coming back in until Sunday !!! It now consists of gentle encouragement on a MP3 player podcast, whilst doing a very bad impression of a runner !!

Note to-self - get out more ...... Doh !!!!

Week 3 completed, and the dreaded task of whats in store for the next week. Actually enjoyed this run. Waited to quite late in the evening before setting off to the lake. Ferrying kids around and waiting for it to cool down. Used the trick of changing the route this evening so no idea in mileage this evening, just the satisfaction of completing the run without stopping.

Here i go kicking and sceaming into week 4.

Good luck everyone

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I had the exact same thought as my tired legs just about carried me through a week 4 run at 6pm last night. However I saw more runners out on a Friday than I've ever seen the only difference being they probably went home, showered and then hit the town. Me I hit the sofa and opted for an early night lol! :)


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