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W5R3 - How did that happen?!

Well yesterday I blogged about how I was so worried about doing this run and had convinced myself that I wasnt going to make it through to the end but guess what?! I DID IT!

I really cant believe that I ran for 20 minutes non stop, its like I'm talking about someone else doing it! It was hard, I wont lie but there was a point in the podcast when Laura said something about realising at this stage that you have the physical ability, but its the mental ability you will need to carry you through. Well that was it! The penny dropped and I thought youre so right! Mind over matter and all that! But its sooo true.

To anyone else out there who reads this blog and is struggling with any stage of this plan, please please please believe in Laura! I cant tell you how negative I was yesterday about thinking I couldnt do it but you have to believe in yourself.

One thing that kept me going was a comment that someone put on my blog yesterday saying think about what you will blog when you do it! That was enough to make me think I am so not going to have to tell you all I couldnt do it when I know I can if I push myself!

I am still struggling with the awful music on these podcasts but at least its not for much longer!

Onwards and upwards everyone and to all of you, you are doing a grrrrrrreat job! Just keep it up and dont EVER give up!

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Well done Julie - we knew you could do it!! ;-)


Thanks dottiemay :-) Only with your encouragement too!


Well done. I have tried the second run on wk5 twice and cannot do the second 8 minutes, so I don't know how on eartrh I will manage 20. I will have to try and finish the 8 minutes first.


Julie, you are sooo right, it really is a mental thing, once that clicks you are capable of everything you ever want to do, your body will respond if your brain tells it to. Graduation awaits, not long now :)


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