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Running Sisters

A big thank you to those who recommended the Running Sisters post C25K.

I'd lost my way and had a horrible experience with the Sweatshop running club. The Running Sisters beginners course in Windsor has got me back to running. Week 6 of 8 completed and we have run for 4 miles! A great bunch of people and I will continue to run witht hem once the 8 weeks are up. Looking forward to my first fun run in 2 weeks time :)

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I remember the Running sisters group in Rickmansworth. I started the course but, at that time, was unable to complete it. I will soon be moving back to England, from Wales, and will contact my nearest Running Sisters at the earliest possible opportunity. I love their philosophy.

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I've just joined my local Running Sisters. Completed day one, and it was fine! What a fabulous bunch of people, who are so encouraging!

C25k day one tomorrow too!

I will be a runner!

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