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First Blog in Celebration of Graduation:) MASSIVE thanks all of you!

I finally did it:) And here's what I learned:

The human body is incredibly adaptable.

You CAN run through the pain.

I’m tougher than I look (contrary to popular opinion).

Mastering the technique of breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth is really important (lest you get a gobful of flies).

Running in the rain is as fun (if not more) than running in the sunshine so is no excuse at all.

I have the appetite of a very active person so I had better keep going and stay busy to keep losing the pounds.

Brambles will always win.

If I can do it, anyone can!!!

Chuffed to bits:o) I haven't been very active in this forum but I have read it religiously every day and have found you all to be a real inspiration. Hearing all of your highs and lows has really helped me through the program and realise that I'm not alone with the battle to become a runner.

Thank you all.

My plan now is to do another week of 30 minute runs before moving on to either the speed and stamina podcasts or B210K. Anyone have any advice on any of these?

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Congratulations Tuffers!!


Congratulations! Enjoy your badge.


Well done! I have my graduation run this evening and I am planning on doing B210K but also doing some speed work at the same time.


From what I have seen of your posts on here, your speed is very respectable and I'm pretty sure you don't have much to work on:o) I completed 5K today for the first time without counting the warm up/cool down. It took me just over 34 minutes. I was a bit disappointed but HEY, I RAN FOR 34 MINUTES!! Couldn't have done that 9 weeks ago.


Thank you:o) I had my first run this morning with my own tunes. It made it so much more fun! As grateful as I am to Laura for her support and guidance, the music was pretty awful.


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