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2 weeks to go!

Hoping I can manage this ok...... Booked a dentist appointment today and have to have a back tooth out on 21st June and then driving to Scotland on 22nd for a week so I'm hoping that my graduation run will be on Thursday 20th so it will be all completed before the horror of the dentist and a long drive. That means I dont have to worry about a graduation run in a new place but I can fit in a couple of runs while I'm up there. These last 7 weeks have flown by and its staggering how far you can go. 2 more weeks to go and hope I'm sporting a lovely green badge. Fingers crossed! Out again tomorrow morning. Happy (muggy) Wednesday. x

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Good luck Jo - at the dentist I mean! Your graduation run will be a piece of cake I'm sure. Although the lovely clean air of Scotland sounds most inviting for a graduation run.....


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