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My first 20 minutes run!

My first 20 minutes run!

Today morning at 7 am a Hornet came through my open window and woke my up. After 15 minutes I towed her out. So I was awake and I thought this is the chance to get over with the run. At 08:15 i startet the run. The sun was shining and the temperatures were pleasent.

First the warm up walk was great. I was slower than usual but it went well.

Than the run startet. The fist 5 minutes were good. The seconde 5 minutes were horrible. It seemed that my feet were glued to the road. The third 5 minutes were good again and the last 5 minutes were realy ok.

Six weeks ago I wouldn´t have thought that I could run 20 minutes. But I can do it!

Everything below my navel hurts rotatory. Every 30 seconds something else hurts. 30 seconds the left knee, 30 seconds the right ankle, 30 seconds my uterus (It must be the uterus) But I am so happy now.

Laura is right, after 5 weeks you can pace yourself even it is as slow as I run. I run with SportsTracker so I can see how fast I am and I can see that I hold a steady pace today. I had no big rashes on the scale just one pace. That ist fabulous because when I tried to run last year I could not pace myselfe.

Today I am happy!

I found a new friend while I run today. Here is a photo

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Congrats on this big C25K milestone. I just did mine yesterday. Not so bad once you actually get there. Keep it up, you're doing great!


Kabooooom!! Well done. I did mine last Friday and felt amazing afterwards. Make sure you take TWO DAYS rest now though. I stupidly went out after only one days rest thinking I could easily handle the next run....


Your body needs the two days after this one.

But jolly well done old thing! Excellent work.


Thanks for the advice. I will take two days rest.


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