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There's nothing like planning!!

Wow – I cannot believe that I am just 2 weeks away from graduation & if everything goes according to plan, my graduation run will be a 5k fun run in the park on Fathers Day. Lately I have been thinking of what next.. what do I want to do post C25k?

Well, the main thing which worked for me during C25k was the way that this is a very structured plan, specific timed runs, Laura’s encouragement in your ear and then move up to the next level, don’t hesitate and don’t doubt your ability.

So, I have set about putting together my own plan – well more like stringing together other plans to create a program which will not only keep me interested – but also keep me structured and progressing.

Phase1 – (9 weeks) is/was to complete the C25k

Hopefully I will do it!!

Phase2 – (4 weeks) is to train to run for 5k competently …

I will do alternate 5k+ stepping stone & speed sessions for 4 weeks and to start with parkrun so I can get an accurate 5k time. This also sees me doing 4 runs in total per week.

Phase3 – (9 weeks + 2 week summer break) is to build up to 10k.

Is 3 runs per week + park run to keep tabs on timing. Still not decided on which program to follow, the BUPA one looks good, but includes an initial 2 week return to intervals (which I might need or I might regret) & looks to be more personalisable. I also need to do something about podcasts/coaching. But the overall goal is to keep running and to build up by no more than 3mins/week so that I'm running for 50+ mins at the end of it.

Then BUPA Great Yorkshire Run 10k on 29/09 in Sheffield.

Recovery period – (2 weeks) 3x mild pace +parkrun

Phase4 – (6 weeks) is to improve pace

Essentially to keep myself motivated and keep making progress. – but it will be something like 1x35 mins, 1x50 mins, 1xinterval session + park run.

Then AGE UK Abbey 10k Dash on 17/11 in Leeds.

So that is the next 23 weeks planned and with 5 weeks left until Christmas - ooohhhhh Boxing Day 10k!!!

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As you say, nothing quite like planning. Sounds like you have it all sorted! Me? I'm still never quite sure what I want to do even from day to day. I just enter an event that will stretch me, and work towards it. But I agree that a structured approach like yours is much better.


Just realised the first part of your plan is like mine. Finish c25k, get to 5k, do a parkrun. I haven't yet decided on going for a 10k yet. I might not enjoy running for that long, so I will see how my parkrun treats me, increase the distance gradually, and if I stop enjoy enjoying it, I will work on my pace at 5k instead. I really must go for a "no music, no Laura, run till you feel like stopping" run. Sometimes a lack of plan is good for those of us who love structure.

But later on today, I will be building my spreadsheet.... ;-)


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