What is a good plan / app to get to 10K?

I am on week 7 and all being well, I aim to graduate in 2 weeks.

My aim is to run 3 5Ks a week after I do.

However, I love the structured progression of C25K.

Is there a similar programme to take me to 10K?

It doesn't matter if it just gets me running for an hour instead of 30 mins as long as there is gradual and structured progression.

Any advise welcome.




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13 Replies

  • Zenlabs do a 10K plan, as a C25K graduate it takes you in at week 9. Caution though, I went straight to this but within a week my knees were very sore. You might do it, but I recommend having a time of consolidating your running - maybe continue for a month 3 X 30 mins, consider parkrun and then perhaps 2 X 5K plus a 30 min run. Injury is not an option and I plan to slowly increase my run times in January as I am doing 3 X 5K one of which is parkrun

  • Easy tiger! :-)

    I'd echo Joolie's excellent advice and consolidate C25k first once you've graduated.

    Apart from the Zenlabs app, there's also

    "Bridge to 10k" (B210k) and "Simple 10k" (Simple C210k) apps. Both found on Google Play store. Not sure re iTunes tho.

    But focus on finishing C25k fiirst :-)


  • Agree with everyone- consolidate first. How about doing a few runs using the next set of podcasts? I'm using the stepping stones one which consolidates 30 min runs but with pace setting beats?

  • Thanks guys.

    I take your advice on board and will consolidate before moving further.

  • Have you done Stepping Stones podcasts? They're ace, and with good old Laura!

    These are specifically post C25k podcasts and will take your running forward. They are a bit of a challenge too!

  • Thanks Miss.W.

    No, I haven't. Where can I get these?


    Ash xx

  • Hi Miss W. Are they apps available from itunes?

  • A bit?!?!? The Stamina one is really hard!!!

  • Here you go Ash, I use these all the time. They won't necessarily get you to 10 KM but they will help with stamina and speed...they're the business

    google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j... .

  • Thanks CG2 :-)

  • Let us know how you get on. They took me a little while to be able to do them, it's always good to have a new challenge. XX

  • They are fab! You have to run them inside out til you've got them sorted as they're a bit tricky. Good though! Just go steady!

    Have fun! Laura will be there with you, so it's familiar territory

    I run these as and when they pop up on my play list

  • When you've run these to bits and have them sorted, and are feeling stronger, fitter and have indeed got more stamina then you can look at dipping your toe in the world of Bridge to 10k. I used Julie Creffield's kindle plan to get me there, which incorporates quite a few other exercices, eg the usual cross training exercises. Worth a look as it's only a few quid and you get a proper plan. She is really keen on the "other exercises" as it's not just about running, it's about getting your body stronger.

    My absolute fave as far as running towards 10k though has to be Bridge to 10k with Sami Murphy. The music is great and really inspires. I run these every time I go out, irrespective of the distance. It's a blast.

    The podcasts are free to download from here. There's a link hereabouts. I think someone put it in a Dropbox. A search should find it

    It's five weeks. I got bogged down on week 4 but I hung in there and so glad I did. Week 1 is a bit faulty but no worries you can just move on

    I have the play list typed up (anorak that I am) I you want it

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