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Week 7 Run 1 Incomplete

Okay so to-date I have managed to complete each of the runs in the program on my first attempt until tonight. I mean Sat when I was heading out to complete w6 r3 my attitude was one of okay lets get this over and done with and I did have my struggles but I finished it. I was feeling so good about it that when I came home I went on to map my run: 3.95 km, 25 mins,06:19 avg pace and 266 Kcal because I really wanted to get an idea on the distance I was doing. When I go running I only bring my mp3 and a key with me -probably not the best the idea and don't have any other gadgets and when I looked at the weekend at the cost of them I found them to a a little bit high.

Anyhow I guess the reason I've given you all that background is because after tonight's failure (my boyfriend won't like me using that word) I feel I let myself get ahead of myself and its been a bit of a wake up call. I don't know why it was exactly I struggled tonight but after about 6 mins I went into a walk. My lips was drying out and I just couldn't get comfortable. After a couple of mins I tried again but I guess maybe it was too soon because I stopped again after about a min and continued walking annoyed at myself and understanding why I was struggling. Anyhow it got to the last 5 mins and I did jog/run that and for obvious reasons felt alright and debated with my self if I should try and jog/run the walk down time on the podcast too as the walk home for the park is a bit longer than five minutes but I decided I shouldn't considering the total hard time I giving myself I thought it better to get home. I think I did reach at least 12 minutes in total tonight so I guess its better than giving up completely and coming home.

So now the dilemma is do I go out and try again tomorrow night or should I wait and try again Wednesday? If you've read this far any advice is appreciated.

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First thing you need is some lip balm to keep your lips comfy. Don't beat yourself up over this. You just had an off day. If it was so hard to do I would give yourself another day off - your body is trying to tell you something here. Good luck for next time out. It's only a glitch so don't dwell on it too much. Positive vibes for next time!


I agree with Beek. Don't let the demons in your head get the better of you. You have got this far and we all know just how hard it is sometimes to keep motivated. Give yourself the day off and make sure you rest .Remember to keep hydrated and as Beek says plenty of lippy. Good luck .


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