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Week 5 run 3...I feel like a runner!

Completed run 3 of week 5 yesterday and feeling emotional about it still. Just had a little cry!

Woke up yesterday and had had a dream that I had tried to do the 20 mins and given up. When I got up I was nervous about going out but I thought if you go and and do this you will be in a great mood for the rest of the day. So I headed out.

I have been using runkeeper rather than laura as I find it off-putting when she says things like you have run your first minute and I that it!? So I have just been listening to music but my music player leaves a gap between songs and I struggle to keep going in silence. So ahead of this run I downloaded the party mixer app which mixes all your songs together, so continuous running tunes!

Somebody stopped me to ask for directions which ate up some of my warm up time so it threw me when I had to start running quite quickly. I found the first 5 minutes really hard to get going. The sides of my calves were really sore and I could tell I was a lot slower than I have been but I also knew I had to pace myself. I got to the ten minute mark and realised this was the longest I have ever run. That made me feel really good and I picked up the pace a little. When I realised I was in the last five minutes I knew I was going to make it and when I finished I just laughed in disbelief.

Not that long ago I started this with my boyfriend. It was his idea and while he seemed super fit I could barely manage 60 seconds. I trailed behind him and felt like a failure. He started a new job and stopped running and I carried on alone. And look at me now. I hardly recognise myself!

Love reading all your blogs for inspiration so keep up the hard work everyone and we'll get to 30 mins!

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Well done you! Amazing feeling isn't it? However.....

I did the first run WEEK 6 this morning.......see my blog for some sage advice.



Haha I've seen a few people saying week 6 is a toughy. I always find the beginning the hardest so with intervals it's like the tough bit over and over again. I'll take it steady tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.


This is really inspirational. I am about to start week 5 and I am terrified on the third run, it seems like such a huge jump.

It's great to know that other people have managed it!

Good luck with your next runs!


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