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W5 r3 I have done you!!

I posed on here yesterday because I didn't think I'd be able to step up to 20 mins of running and was having problems with a numb foot at the end of my longer runs.

Well I've just got back from W5 r3 and I did it!! In fact, due me lacing my footwear very very loosely, my feet and calves felt better and I found the run less tough than W5 r2. Still had a bit of tingliness but at least I could feel my foot this time!

So, I am delighted (and all emotional) now, flaked out on the sofa with a deserved cup of tea!

Big thanks to those who posted on my blog yesterday and gave me back some confidence!

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I'm only on week 4 at the moment, but I'm terrified of the third run of week 5.

It's great to hear stories of other people who have done it! :)


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