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Aiming to do week 8 on the Golden Gate Bridge - how's that for a motivator?!

Well that's week 4 done. Not easy but completed. Am lucky enough to be going on holiday to San Francisco soon so I have this notion of Laura and me jogging/walking somewhere with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background (or may be actually on it). I know that sounds a bit cheesy but, with the time difference I'm bound to be awake early in the mornings so I quite like the thought of slipping out for a 30 min run through the streets of San Francisco. Anyone else planning to take Laura anywhere interesting?

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I'm not planning to take Laura (partly because I've already graduated & partly because Mrs OldNed would have something to say) but I'm planning to run round the seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver (10K) in September. I've been looking forward to it for a very long time.


Been meaning to comment on this for ages... I live in San Francisco and my running route is down by the sea front towards the Golden Gate bridge - and it's really a stunning view! Lots of people run down there and when it isn't too windy, it's lovely.

You could easily run across the bridge - there's a wide pedestrian lane - but it can get VERY windy (and sometimes very foggy) up there so I would make a decision about that based on the weather when you get here. The bridge itself is around 2.5k across so that would be a good portion of your run :-)

If you fancy some company, send me a message when you're going to run, and if I'm around I'll join you :-)


Hi fletchasketch - thanks so much for the tips. An oceanview run sounds lovely - will make a change from pounding the local pavements here. OldNed should have fun too with a Pacific view run in Stanley Park! I guess that early morning runs will be the order of the day because we'll probably be wide awake with the time difference. But I have to tackle W5R3 first - a big jump from 8 mins to 20. That's a task for tomorrow or Tuesday!


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