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W6R2 - Dizziness

I managed to finish W6R2 (Yipee!!) by pushing myself but somehow from W6 my lower back and hips have started hurting. But what has me more worried about the 25 mins for W6R3 is the dizziness I experienced once I reached home.. I don't know if it was the heat outside and the sudden change in temperature but worried if something should happen while I am on the road during my next run. I didn't get much time before the dizziness hit but a quick lie down helped me recover very fast and I didn't blank out. has anyone experienced this?

I have another question on APT that I will post in the questions section

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Did you stop running suddenly without a walk? It can be common to feel lightheaded or dizzy if you abruptly stop arduous physical activity. When you run your heart pumps harder and faster, increasing blood flow to the actively exercising muscles. Blood vessels in the skin expand to dissipate heat. When exercise ends suddenly, the heart slows down its pumping activity, decreasing blood circulation even though blood vessels remain dilated. As a result, blood pressure can fall and a person can feel dizzy or even faint.

I experience this frequently when I abruptly stop cycling to check my map at a junction. I experienced it once when running hard and fast and stopped to chat to a neighbour.


Yes, I did a little more than the 5mins cool down walk. I will see how my next run goes.


Yes I experience the dizziness when I stop too, its doesn't last long, usually a few deep breaths seem to help. I don't think its anything to worry about.


It was more of a sort of darkness and I did not get much time to think other than 'lie down'. I will take it as a sign of finally doing something active after ages and move on. Thanks


Do you take water with you? Make sure you keep the breathing steady and ensure you have eaten properly and rest after your run.

Sorry to sound like a parent.

Hope you have a good weekend. :-)


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