W5 run3 ............ Need to step up the pace ;-) to make it to 5K

I ran tonight with a Nike sensor in my left shoe linked to my nano pod. I set the Nike+ to a distance of 5K using the podcast as my sound track.

I found that with the heat my pace was slow, and although trying to move to the beat - I made it to just over 3K. I am going to repeat wk5 again next week.

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  • You don't really need to worry about speed. If you read people's blogs, most of us are pretty slow. I'm on week 8, running 28 mins and still only 3 1/2 km! Speed will come later, its stamina for now. As I'm sure others will say, you don't have to hit 5k at the end, this should really be called couch 2 30mins, as that's what the reall aim is! Remember, the tortoise won the race! I think you sound like you're doing very well.

  • Thanks for your feedback plinth

  • I wouldn't repeat week 5 - speed is not particularly relevant at this stage. Also, I'd be a little sceptical about measuring distance using a sensor in the shoe - I believe these can be a little unreliable. You are doing fab, as long as you can run for the time, the speed/distance will follow :-)

  • I did W6R2 today and did my best distance of 3km+ for the first time. Already treated myself to an ice cream for the achievement;-) So please don't make me feel bad:)

  • I got to 4k in week 7. I'm not going to hit 5k by end of week 9.

    As others have said, don't get hung up on the 5k thing - it really is about learning how to run for a solid 30mins, 3 times a week - speed is something to work on after the programme programmefinishes.

  • Thanks for all the good advice and experience ................ Week 6 it is tomorrow :-)

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