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W7R2 - hopefully this was is not my first failed run!

I set off tonight knowing that 25mins is doable & within my range since I have done it twice before already & after my last outing I decided to try and do an extended warmup walk, 3mins of music then started the podcast.

Then into my new route - (having decided from now on that I am done with running in the shadows of tall warehouses) so I dropped down onto the canal towpath and set off - deliberately keeping holding the pace back.

It's a lovely stretch - nicely tarmaced towpath with wide flat grass verges & goes out for about 10k until the next town - so should provide be a 20k loop!!!! - so this was always going to be my target to get running next to the canal.

Since I now know that it is usual and okay for me to adjust and re-adjust my pace and style during the first few mins so I wasn't too worried about the aches and pains - they are just something I need to get used to when I set off. And sure enough when I get to the 5 mins time check things had eased and settled down.

I began to wonder where the half way turn around point would be & neatly this was right next to a lock gate so a nice little landmark for next time. Then its back from where I came, so I roughly know where I could expect to finish.

But then it must have been around 20 mins or so & this was the first time I really felt my heart rate & it really felt achy - not painful, but noticeably difficult.

I'm afraid that I gave in at that point, and fell back to walking pace for about 2 mins - I just needed to recover for a few minutes - plus I wanted to make sure that nothing was too serious (first time this has happened) anyway as soon as I was round my next bend and heading back into town I picked it back up and was running.

"Finish Strong" said Laura - first up I swore at her - then I swore at myself - and finally out came my inner child - just how fast can I really go in the last 1 minute.

Turns out that I can do 3:45 mins/km .... whoda thought!?!?

Happy Running!!

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Well done you! Blimey that's fast! I seem to be hitting the 6.22 mins/km on my runs which I'm pretty pleased with.

Good on you for starting up again after your little break, i wouldn't class it as a failed run, just a cautious one!

I found week 7 tough, as Laura says the 25mins without breaks can feel a little relentless, and I'm a little scared for week 8. I'm going to try and be positive though, my determination to get through the runs has been surprising me!

Here's to your next run! :)


there was no way that I could cope with anything longer than a minute at that pace though .... 6.22 you should be delighted.

I even thought does this mean I should go back to W6 & intervals again - but then I do think it's just practice - and as Laura says - you need to get some KM under your belt.

anyway - good luck too & I look forward to seeing you graduate soon too.


Wow you must of belted it for the last minute. Must try that. Let the inner child free. Lol. Your doing some great times. Im so jealous. Its tough doing a new route isn't it. I spent a lot of my last run hoping I'd worked out the right turning point. Well done you.


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