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I've finally taken that first running step!

Well I finally did my first ever couch to 5k session. I've made every excuse in the book up until now, but mainly used "I hate running!" as a reason not to do it. I thought I'd never do the 8 runs (I ran only for 30 seconds on two of them), however I surprised myself. It was not a breeze, it was hard going. However, I am carrying at least 20lbs more than I'd like, so it was never going to be easy...

One thing to note for my next run - make up a decent playlist!

I WILL DO THIS (though got to sort out the overeating issue now!)

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Well done for starting. You will do it. Every outing is a challenge but you constantly surprise yourself. It's not easy but it's such a wonderful feeling when you realise you've achieved that new goal Laura (and yourself) set. I'm with you about hating running, I never, ever thought I would see it through and get amazing highs from it. It happened though.

Still looking for the food epiphany.


Thank you for those encouraging words! :) I appreciate it! K


good on you for getting enough courage to get your trainers on and starting this..... you'll soon see that this is 9 full weeks of firsts....

although I would really advise you to stick with the podcasts - Laura quickly becomes your friend - yes I know the music is a bit naff - but it's her words and these kind people on here tat have got me through to W7 & besides Laura is free - and you would have to pay a few hundred £'s to have that kind of encouragement in your ear and on your shoulder every single step of the way.

Good Luck - Happy Running & I look forward to following your progress.


Welcome to the C25K forum, and well done on achieving the hardest part of all ... getting out there and starting the challenge! There are hundreds of us here - all doing or done the same as you. And like you, many arrived with a pre-felt loathing of running, school PE, bossy teachers, skinny athletes who it seemed didn't even have to try to do it all, blobby bodies, and up to a 50 year gap since they last ran anywhere! :)

I found this site in Feb and graduated a month ago, so took longer than 9 weeks to complete it all. But I am still running and still enjoying the benefits: I'm fitter, can run for 30 or more minutes, my asthma has abated significantly, my figure has altered for the better/slimmer and I am now losing weight slowly and steadily as my eating habits have changed too. (I have way more than 20lbs to shed!) I hope I'm going to be able to run forever :D

The programme suits almost everyone as it is a guide NOT a prescriptive lists of 'must dos'. Like Matthew, I would suggest you stick with Laura a few weeks longer, because, despite the naff music, she does talk you through the early stages and makes suggestions about breathing and running style/poise which might be useful. Her little, friendly reminders of how far you've run or how much longer you have to go are quite encouraging in some of the runs when you might be flagging a bit. After week 6 the runs are continuous, so if you have your own music, that's an ok time to introduce it.

Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to hearing about your progress - remember the group is here for you: for celebration of every achieved hurdle and for every whinge you'll have along the way! ;)

Take care, Linda x


I so agree with MatthewW - music from the NHS podcasts are not my cup of tea but Laura is really a wonderful coach and her kind words really made a difference on how I felt during the runs. She's really encouraging and the slightly cheesy lyrics of the songs acted like a kind of positive booster on me. This program is wonderful - trust it and you'll get to week 9 with an intense, wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Good luck! :-)


Thank you everyone. I hadn't even downloaded the podcasts - I used the Get Running app. I have downloaded them now and will try them tomorrow for my second attempt! (Gulp!) I'm going to try and get up early to go out, otherwise I will put it off all day long! That means getting up at 6 on a weekday next week and I am a TERRIBLE non-morning person!! I guess this might wake me up!


Hi Kreesh

I'm relatively new to C25K and was doing quite well until this week when I've been laid up with an ear infection. As it affects balance, and I want to sleep a lot, I haven't been able to run. I feel deprived! Hopefully, I can get out there next week. I agree with other people on this forum............try to stick with Laura for the time being if you can as she will give you encouragement. If you look on the NHS Choices website (Live Well) you will discover that Laura is a real person who has done this programme herself from being a couch potato. That's real encouragement.

So far as going out in the early morning is concerned. You will find it cooler and probably very peaceful. It is my favourite time of day for running and I always return home feeling refreshed and energised. Go on, give it a whirl. Just wish I could be out there with you instead of being stuck in bed until the ears are better. Good luck with your programme.


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