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Back after injury

So after pulling a calf muscle 10 days ago on my W2R2 outing, I was very aprehensive about running again. I've left it 10 days with just a swim and an 8 mile walk (limping!) inbetween. Decided last night it was time to attempt my W2R2 again and set off very gingerly around my local golf course.

Absolutely delighted I survived with only a slight twinge from my calf muscle on the 6th run but my knees were killing me - what's that about? - it hasn't happened before!

I suppose I'll soldier on tomorrow and try to finish week 2 but when is it going to stop hurting :(

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When you get fitter probably :-)

I pulled a hamstring in the early weeks (pushing too hard) and had some awful calf cramps and sore knees.

Even if you're sporty unless you've run before then you're using muscles you haven't done before. Are you running outside or on a treadmill? I understand the treadmill is gentler on the joints. If outside then I really can't stress enough how important it is to get decent running shoes

Apart from a little stiffness I seldom feel much pain now and I've only been doing it since February

Good luck with the rest of the programme - keep blogging



Thanks Deb - you've reassured me. I mainly run outside as there's more to look at to take my mind off the actual running but I maybe do need to look at some new trainers soon. I also know that losing some weight will help the knees so the more i run the better i should start to feel. Fingers crossed!!


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