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Sore lower outer shin

I'm in the middle of week 7. Started in January and have been taking it steady and had to repeat weeks due to bad weather and illness. A few weeks ago I was not able to complete a run because of very bad pain in lower shin and calf below the muscle. I rested it and went back a week but it is still niggling. If I leave 2 days between runs it doesn't get too bad. I am using barefoot running technique. I have read that it might be tendinitis due to the tendons taking longer than the muscle to get strong. Has anyone else experienced this and does it get better?

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Check your footwear, it may help if you engine search Skechers mbt lawsuit regarding barefoot running technique, it may make you rethink your style.... Again if in doubt get referred to a Physio but ideally a Biomechanical Podiatrist


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