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Week 2 - first stats

Having got through week 1 I turned to From Couch To 5K to record my times and running patterns. As I'm new to this unclear as to quite how gradual improvements should be but I'm encouraged so far that I seem to be fairly consistent but getting slightly faster!

I'd be interested to hear how this compares with other experiences, and how well it could potentially be preparing me to progress to week 9 and beyond.

Run 1 (Tues 7am)

Distance: 3.26km

Average pace: 08.06 min/km

Max pace: 04.36 min/kim

Run 2 (Friday 2.30pm in the rain)

Distance: 3.29km

Average pace: 07.54 min/kim

Max pace: 04.33 min/kim

Run 3 (Sunday 12pm)

Distance: 3.37km

Average pace: 07.45 min/kim

Max pace: 02.03 min/kim (briefly!)

Right, on to week three...

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I admire your enthusiasm all I could think about when I first started C25K was getting to the end of each run wthout killing myself! ;) You seem to have taken to running like a duck to water so well done. I would say though don't get too hung up an stats and times just now the main goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop, if you manage to cover the golden distance of 5K within that time you are one of very few. Good luck with teh rest of the programme.


Same as oldgirl said! It may (or may not!) encourage you to hear that you're already faster than me, and I graduated three months ago. Hey ho! :D I'm still slow, but I can keep going for quite a long time. :)

I love analysing data though, and I do totally understand the attraction of it, and it is really interesting to look back later and see where you started out. All part of the fun - in fact, sometimes, that's the most enjoyable bit of a run, when it's one of those days when your legs feel like lead! :D

Mind you, the 'fastest pace' bits that my garmin gps watch gives me seem somewhat airy fairy and not related to anything meaningful at all, as you seem to have already realised - 2 min per km would break the world record for 5k! I just looked it up - amazing - 12 min 37 seconds! It takes me about 45 minutes!

Once I could keep going for more than 5 minutes, I did start to record my "fastest 5 minutes" pace, and I could see progress with that, which was encouraging, and more useful than that snapshot 'fastest pace'.

Enjoy your running and the stats too - have fun! :)


I enjoy looking at my running stats too. I have been getting slower and slower!!


Slow and steady! Slow can be good too! :) Better slow than on the couch anyway.

i was looking at the stats from my garmin gps watch today, and for some that I hadn't labelled as runs or walks, it was actually impossible to tell from the pace which they were! Some of the runs were slower than some of the walks - but I know I ran them, and they all count for building up stamina. Well I hope so, anyway!


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