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Snails with a death wish


Where do all the snails come from, and where are the blasted things going (other than my garden), and why do they line themselves up along the footpath so I'm hopping round them rather than running in a straight line. I can't bear treading on them.....

Still, in spite of the uncharged iPod this morning, I got out and did 3 miles in the rain, and was very glad to see that I wasn't the only lunatic out on a cold rainy morning.

I still can't quite believe it's me running!

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They are all escaping from the L'Escargot restaurant :-) Glad you had a good run.

newrunner56Graduate in reply to alcopop

Eeeeuuw - I don't think I'd like to eat these..... Nor can I bear the thought of them squashed under my shoes...... !!!

Yes, it was a good run, and I'm glad I went in spite of the flat iPod and the rain. Thank you for your reply - it's so nice to be in touch with other runners


I think they're all on the run from my garden, because whenever I find one I throw it into the road for the birds to find. Snails ate my petunias, so they are not my friends! :D

Surprisingly, I didn't notice any snails on my rainy run today - they must have seen me coming!

newrunner56Graduate in reply to greenlegs

No, Greenlegs... they were all on my route!!!!!!! They are definitely not my friends either - they just love my hostas!

Looking forward to a nice dry run, without grotty little distractions. Maybe I did more than three miles, because of the all the detours..... (ever hopeful!)

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