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Week 9......again! With Laura's help!


Feeling very thrilled as I got up this morning nice and early (on a bank holiday too!) and decided to take Laura out with me to test just how much better the lightly torn calf muscle is. It had been feeling fairly good, but I was scared I would never manage 30 mins again, so abit ahead of the advice from the physio decided to give it a go. Pleased to say I managed it although I was not exactly pushing myself and it was all flat easy route. Great feeling though just like all those other big hurdles ( week 5 run 3 springs to mind in particular!). Now seriously thinking of signing up for the race for life to give myself something to aim for and put all this effort to some positive outcome! Anyone else done a Race for life?

Hope you all have a great day.

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you should go for it, sounds like you are doing fab!! Great feeling isn't it?? I hope your poorly muscle gets better soon, and there's nothing like something to aim for to spur us on :)


I know you don't need telling, but do take it easy and work it back up gradually... I did my first ever Race for Life two weeks ago, and would definitely recommend it. :) Lots of other people, lovely atmosphere, no pressure - and aising money for a good cause. What more could you ask? ;)

I did race for life several years ago and am doing it again this year. Like Rainbow said - the atmosphere is fantastic and it certainly brought a tear to my eye reading who everyone was running for. Another good thing is that there are people of all abilities just out there to do their bit for cancer research. I say you should go for it :)

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